Media Relations is about the different resources your Auxiliary uses to get the word out to the community about who we are and what we do. It also involves how we communicate with each other. All of this involves using different types of Social media, newspapers, radio, and television. It also means sending out newsletters to your Auxiliary and District members, either by email or snail mail. The Auxiliary Historian is responsible for keeping a record, using photographs, flyers, event programs and other memorabilia , of the President’s and Auxiliaries activities from installation to installation. 

Historian/Media Relations Reporting Guide 2019-20
Community Outreach Project Report 2019-2020
Historian/Media Relations National Powerpoint Presentation 2019
The National website has publicity and media tools available to help you promote your Auxiliary.
By going to www.vfwauxiliary.org/resources and using the tools provided under the Historian/Media program you will find ideas in communicating to the community about how we help active military, Veterans and families.
Historians should take an active role in promoting your Auxiliary through Facebook, Auxiliary
newsletter or a joint newsletter with Post. National wants Historians to use digital media in
promoting Auxiliary.

1. Most Outstanding Use of Media for Promotion of Auxiliary Programs and/or Events. • Citation to every Auxiliary that submits a Historian/Media Relations report to their Department Historian/ Media Relations Chairman by March 31, 2020. Entry form (required) available at www.vfwauxiliary.org/resources. Auxiliaries are to send entry form to their Department Chairman by March 31, 2020. Department Chairmen are to send entry form to National Headquarters by April 30, 2020. Citations will be mailed directly to Auxiliaries.
• Citation and $50 to one Auxiliary in the nation that best utilizes media for promotion of Auxiliary programs and/or events.
Department Historian/Media Relations Chairmen are to send one entry and the corresponding entry form to the National Historian/Media Relations Ambassador by April 30, 2020 for judging. The National winner will be announced at the 2020 National Convention in Reno, Nevada. 
1. Citation to each Department Chairman for participation in this Program.
2. Serving Our Veterans with Aloha Keepsake to one Department Historian/Media Relations Chairman in each of the 10 Program Divisions for the best promotion of and training by a Department Historian/Media Relations Chairman on media relations.
3. Serving Our Veterans with Aloha Keepsake to one Department Historian/Media Relations Chairman in each of the 10 Program Divisions for the best report of the National President’s Official Visit.
4. Outstanding Performance Award in each of the 10 Program Divisions based on criteria listed on Page 3 and for the promotion of Program Goals on Page 24. of the National Program book
Historian/Media Relations Reporting Checklist 2018